Individually, both of them (Mn’JAM) or with the whole band Mn’JAM experiment has been doing numerous lectures and/or workshops, as examples we can name the following:

– Berklee College of Music – Valencia, ES

– Conservatori Liceu – Barcelona, ES

– Prince Claus Conservatoire – Groningen, NL

– Monash University – Melbourne, AU

– Meet the Masters workshop series, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts – Philadelphia, USA

– Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, USA

– BTK Hamburg, DE – One full day working with the Masters students of Film + Motion Design to create animations for our concert in Hamburg

– Kathmandu University School of Arts Center for Art and Design, NP

– Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, NP

– The Conservatory of Music of Oporto, PT

– The American University in Cairo, EG

– Mladi Ladi festival – workshop series, CZ

– Het Nutshuis, NL – HOOGTIJ – workshop and performance within a collaborative work with a plastic artist Nuno Viegas.

– MAAT – Workshop – Museum of Art Architecture and Technology

– Ted Talk “the Future of Jazz”, SPJain Sydney, AU

Berklee College of music


Hosted by the Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation. 

Besides a 90 min. hands-on workshop focused on music and technology Mn’JAM also conducted one on one sessions with students to individually talk about a myriad of topics ranging from compositional techniques to equipment / software and even business opportunities and traveling arrangements!

Prince Claus Conservatoire


Hosted by the Jazz Department of the Prince Claus Conservatoire, students from all departments had the opportunity to interact and perform as if they were part of the project. The following day a Duo Concert took place at a local concert hall so that students could experience how such a project translates into a concert setting.

Conservatori Liceu Barcelona


As part of the regular workshops series presented by this University.

Monash University


90 min. Masterclass at the Alexander Theatre with around 350 students in attendance from classical, jazz and improvisation, popular voice, composition and music technology.

Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music 


Three days of residency working with the School’s Teen Collective  followed by a concert open to the public.


This initiative was featured in a review by Howard Mandel, the President of the Jazz Journalists Association (click here).

Big Band


Mn’JAM experiment have arranged their songs for Big Band and also welcome the opportunity to work with students either as a residency to either then perform the tunes live or simply carry out a workshop and make a live recording of a piece. 

This collaboration with Big Band involves a lot of interaction between musicians and visual elements (e.g. lights on stage that conduct the improvisation for parts of the Big Band) in addition to a more unconventional layout of the musicians on stage in order to pan each instrument in relation to the spatial location of the instrument (for example, when facing the stage, Tenor 2 is all the way to the left so it will be 100% panned to the left, etc).

It is a great experience for students to work in a more unconventional setting and also interact with all the technology of lights and digital art.