Mn’JAM experiment is led by singer M and visual artist, turntablist and composer JAM. Based in Melbourne, Mn’JAM experiment is an audio-visual project that uses technology in music to push boundaries. It is a multi-medium performance that places visual arts and music at the same level in an environment where performers’ interactivity goes way beyond instruments and music and reaches out to the visual and digital world. 

In this project JAM opens up a completely new category within live performance. Besides controlling electronic sounds, he is a live visual artist that acts as a musician. This happens because JAM is on stage pressing buttons, rotating knobs and turntables in sync with the band as if he is one of the musicians, but more than sounds, his actions also influence the visual art on screen. This way JAM can improvise visually or even create a visual unison with the band, having the knowledge and proficiency of a musician but reaching out to new mediums with his visual art output. 

Far-removed from the traditional role of a singer, M has created an innovative place for live looping by incorporating it in the band. That and the use of effects, wordless songs, vocal improvisation and looping textures augment the potential way by which this singer can intervene with the music and express herself making it possible to also act as an instrument. 

As a band, they had the privilege of representing Australia at the jazzahead! conference in Germany and have performed all over the world at venues and festivals such as the MAAT museum in Lisbon, the Sudtirol festival in Italy, Sopot jazz festival in Poland, Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival in the Czech Republic, Oct Loft festival in China, the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, USA, Mozaic Jazz festival in Romania, Kolkata Jazz festival in India among others.